Non-Random Acts of Kindness for Stronger Relationships

Have you ever given or received a random act of kindness? Both feel pretty amazing. Something so tiny can change my entire mood and the course of my day for the better. … Continue Reading →


Lions and Tigers and Mercury Retrograde – Oh, My!

What’s it mean? Three to four times a year, everyone’s favorite havoc-wreaking planet appears to move backward. According to NASA, the stars and planets normally move in a west-to-east direction called … Continue Reading →


Get Un-Stuck: 4 Step Decision Making

A few years ago, I was in the paint isle at a Home Depot and asked a store associate what the difference was between three seemingly similar types of spray … Continue Reading →


10 Day Detox + Smoothie Recipe!

Detoxing is an interesting business. Quite literally, it’s a money making tool in the multi-billion dollar health and wellness industry. To be clear, I don’t see anything wrong with a … Continue Reading →


The Paradox of Balance & Why To Stop Seeking It

  As a culture and as individuals, we often strive for balance, especially between the areas of work and life. This well-intended concept implies allocating half, if not more, of our … Continue Reading →


Seasonal Eating: Spring

  Have you ever noticed we often crave light, fresh salads in Springtime, refreshing fruits and high-energy carbs in Summer, and heartier, fattier fare in the Fall and Winter? These are … Continue Reading →


The Goldilocks Zone of Iron

  How to get the not too little, not too much, just right amount of iron. I was recently asked how to boost iron intake and  wanted to share this … Continue Reading →


Orthorexia: Obsessed With Healthy Eating?

Have you cut things out of your diet for your health? Do you have a list of things you won’t eat? As it turns out, there can be too much … Continue Reading →


Recipe for A Healthy Dinner Party

One of the goals I set this year was to celebrate and spend more quality time with the fabulous women in my life. Hosting a girls night dinner party seemed … Continue Reading →


5 Rules For Better, Deeper Sleep

From bedtimes to blankets, these guidelines will guarantee you rise and shine. PJs on, teeth brushed, alarm set, lights out. This is the basic “how to go to bed” routine, … Continue Reading →