Lions and Tigers and Mercury Retrograde – Oh, My!

What’s it mean?

Three to four times a year, everyone’s favorite havoc-wreaking planet appears to move backward.

According to NASA, the stars and planets normally move in a west-to-east direction called prograde. Retrograde of any planet happens periodically, when the motion is temporarily switched to an east-to-west direction.

From an astrological standpoint, Mercury rules communication, technology and even travel. During retrograde caution is advised in these areas.

Personal Responsibility & Fear Perspective

To paraphrase NY Times Best Selling Author, Gabrielle Berstein, I have much respect for my friends who love and practice astrology and while I find it interesting and valuable to know what’s going on outside of Earth’s atmosphere, it’s also important not to project fear and to take personal responsibility for our actions.

When Mercury is in retrograde people who are aware of this planetary shift tend to blame all their problems on this one little planet.

For example, I was at a workshop over the weekend where there were some technology challenges. Many people called attention to Mercury while ignoring the old technology (shout-out to Windows Media Player and CD ROM drives) and ill-equipped technician.

In other cases, I’ve witnessed increased fear in the way people express themselves to the extent that they’re holding up their lives because they’re trying to avoid some retrograde meltdown.

The Take Away

The general ideas that my astro-lovers preach as a remedy for the retro-grade are valuable practices for all times of the year, not just when one pesky little planet starts “moving backwards” — slow down, think before we speak or act, back up technology, give others the benefit of the doubt.




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