Breathing Exercises: Sizzle In The Cold

Winter is making herself known across the northern hemisphere with temps consistently below freezing. What are you doing to stay warm? My typical routine involves hot teas and puffy jackets. … Continue Reading →


Super Simple Goal Setting Toolkit

Ready to take 2015 by storm? Me too! I’m going to share some seriously simple tools I use to: understand where I am, see where I want to go and … Continue Reading →


Be A Quitter: 3 Things To Always Be Quitting

In a world where no one wants to be labeled a quitter, I am here to say, “quit”. I’ve said adios to romances, friendships, religious beliefs, jobs, running, dieting, eating … Continue Reading →

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3 Steps To A Stronger Immune System

Burning the candle at both ends between year end work deadlines and holiday shenanigans? This leaves us susceptible to stress and sickness… and nobody has time for that! What can … Continue Reading →

The Warrior's Path

Is Fear Holding You Back?

Change is inevitable; but, to get what we really want takes vision and drive. Vision serves as a source of motivation and allows us to tackle obstacles. Drive is what propels people across the finish … Continue Reading →


Fall Seasonal Eating Guide + Free Recipes

Have you ever noticed we often crave light, fresh salads in Springtime, refreshing fruits and high-energy carbs in Summer, and heartier, fattier fare in the Fall and Winter? These are more … Continue Reading →


Hi! Thanks for visiting. Here I’ll give you a taste of what I’m all about & provide an orientation for this site: What do I do? I teach weekly public … Continue Reading →