Be A Quitter: 3 Things To Always Be Quitting

In a world where no one wants to be labeled a quitter, I am here to say, “quit”.

I’ve said adios to romances, friendships, religious beliefs, jobs, running, dieting, eating meat, vegetarianism, eating dairy, gluten, not eating gluten.

We all know the Lombardi saying, “a winner never quits and a quitter never wins.” But as any poker player knows, sometimes quitting is strategic, sometimes it can be your best possible plan, and sometimes quitting is how to win.

too legit to quit, quit, 2 legit 2 quit

I believe it’s ok to let go of things that no longer serve us, things that hold us back or make us feel small.  I also whole heartedly believe in hard work & seeing things to the finish. This is not a paradox.

To help to understand quitting, let’s revisit Econ 101. Flip to the sections on sunk cost and opportunity cost. Sunk cost is about the past – the time or money or sweat equity put into a job or relationship or a project. It makes quitting hard. Opportunity cost is about the future. In essence, for every second or penny spent on X  the opportunity to invest in Y (ie. something that might be better) is forfeited. If only we didn’t get so caught up on the sunk cost, quitting would be a whole lot easier.

Sometimes to take one step forward, requires two steps back. That’s just part of the journey. And, in reality all movement is forward; there is no such thing as going backwards. The back peddling was just the lesson needed to learn which opportunities are worth pursuit.

We have to figure out what doesn’t work before we can understand what does. I rarely buy a dress or a pair of shoes without trying them on first. I walk through the store, pick-up everything that catches my eye (practical and not so practical) then head to the dressing room. Sometimes the things I didn’t think were practical are perfect. I would have never known if I didn’t try.

trying on shoes

So in this new year, let’s give ourselves permission to step out of the box, to try things on for size and then return anything that doesn’t fit. Here is my Quitter’s Manifesto of 3 things to always be quitting:

1. Relationships that inhibit growth

Romantic partners, neighbors, best friends, coworkers and golf buddies.

The people we choose to spend time with are either helping us grow, or they’re preventing growth. The trick is to notice what’s right with the positive relationships, and actively seek more of that.

Let’s fill up on these positive relationships & crowd out the folks holding us back. Actually, I’ve noticed if someone is in my way, I’m probably in the way of their growth also. So this is win-win quitting!

2. A lackluster career or hobby

Wake up, go to work, run in circles for eight to 12 hours, come home, go to sleep, repeat. Sound familiar?

For some folks the work week is a life sucking, happiness draining, smile erasing nightmare of a paycheck that can’t be spent in the way you want to spend it because they’re always working and can’t take vacation days.

Maybe that sounds dramatic. But if what we spend the majority of our time doing each and every day (ie. one and only life) doesn’t get us excited or provide an outlet for creativity and passion, then it’s time to start crafting an exit plan. A plan for seeking out the things that will light up our souls and help us come alive!

3. Bad habits

Bad habits stunt growth and achievement faster than anything else. I’ve seen friends & clients with fabulous relationships and a fulfilling career but self-sabotaging habits prevent them from enjoying their life & living out loud. The path to success, happiness and freedom all start here, with personal development and growth.

This isn’t easy work. It takes time to change a habit, but it can be done. It must be done if you want to really know what it’s like to live a successful life.

Examples: Facebook, Instagram, Smoking, Binge Eating, Negative Self Talk, Crash Dieting

These three types of quitting aligns us with our truth. They help us to create the life we want to live. So, what’s the first thing you’re going to quit?

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  • ig says:

    My brother recommended I might like this blog.

    He was totally right. This post actually made my day.
    You can not imagine simply how much time I had spent for this info!

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  • Thalya Salazar says:

    Hey Laura!

    I didn’t know you blogged and just came across this. What a great read! I like most people, had never explored the idea of quitting in such a positive light.
    Pretty refreshing stuff. Great images too!


    • laura says:

      Hi! So nice to hear from you. Hope you are doing well in Costa Rica!? I wish I was a little more consistent with this blogging thing. I really do enjoy it. Thanks for your support. xx

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