“My top three goals upon starting my Wellness Program with Laura were to create a lifestyle change surrounding food and eating habits, lose weight and cook more!

Since beginning the program my anxiety level has gone down so much. I now have tools to calm down when work or life starts to get a little crazy and can re-focus on the things that matter.

I am so much more aware of what I  choose to put in my body. Now, I take the time to look at labels and think about the choices I’m making. I am so much more present in my decision making and it feels great.

Laura is caring, compassionate, engaging and really takes the time to become invested in all aspects of your life. I always felt that Laura really wanted to see me succeed in achieving every one of my goals. I appreciated all of her extra work to help me get there; there was constant support and encouragement which meant a lot.  Laura always pushes you to do more than you would normally do which is a great quality in someone who is helping you achieve goals that don’t already come easy to you. I would recommend Laura to anyone and everyone!”

Nicole R.

Atlanta, GA

I contacted Laura because I was having trouble finding balance in my life and managing my anxiety and depression.  This was spilling over into my eating habits, relationships, spirituality and career.

At the end of my wellness program the biggest change I see is that I am now at peace, my anxiety is much less and I have tools to manage my life! I’m satisfied and present in my relationships. I feel a sense of spirituality and connection. I am happy with my job and feel empowered to develop my career. And, I’m eating a healthy, balanced diet.

Laura is kind, loving, understanding and very generous. I’d recommend working with Laura to anyone who is seeking change and direction in their life.

Claire R.

New Orleans, LA


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